Typical Cases

  1. A.B., female,83 years old, first visit on 08/15/2016.

Main complaints: cataract developing, significant recent deterioration of vision, dizziness, chronic stomach issues including acid reflux, swelling ankles and feet, cold limbs, underweight.

On examination, the skin on patient’s legs was red and hot to touch. There was almost no normal healthy skin below the knees, and 50% of skin above knees showed damage. Patient said that she had suffered from this condition for 26 years. She had seen countless numbers of dermatologists, but nobody had been able to find the cause of her skin disease. She had tried many topical ointments, and had unsuccessfully tried steroids to treat the condition. The itch was particularly bad at night and it affected her sleep. The purpose of the visit was to slow down the eyesight deterioration and discomfort in the stomach. She had no hope for treating her skin problems.

Diagnosis: The patient had suffered long history of various illnesses, had multiple organ deficiency mixed with excess, i.e. the body had lost its balance.

Treatment:acupuncture at acupoints including Du20,UB2, GB14  go through Yuyao, SI6,LI11, LI4, ST36, Liv3, Baichongwo, UB40, SP6,Ren 12, Ren6, with adjustment of acupoints at each visit. Use of different classic acupuncture techniques to improve patient’s energy, remove her blockage and restore her balance.

The patient could only visit once a week. After three visits, the itch had noticeably lessened and her sleep had improved. She felt that her eyesight had not only stopped deteriorating, but even started to improve. In November, bean size patches of healthy skin started appearing on her legs. Additionally, there was a general improvement of skin condition over her entire body. In December (about 4 months into the treatment), winter weather

prevented the patient from driving to the clinic, and she started taking herbal powder. Her condition continued to improve, and there was rapid improvement on damaged skin. The bright red skin color started to fade, and skin healed completely. The patient was very surprised and satisfied with outcome. She even called her dermatologist to report the good news.

  • C, male,63 years old,first visit on 11/27/2014.

Main complaints: back pain all the time, had a diagnosis: fibromyalgia. Cold and being tired amplified the pain. Pain was a part of the patient’s life and he no longer remembered how it felt to be painless. He was taking all kinds of painkillers prescribed by his doctor. At visit, he had hunchback and backpain. He also showed muscle spasms from time to time.

Treatment: Acupuncture based on the teaching and technique of the famous doctor Hua Tuo (200AD) twice a week. At each visit, the treatment focused on a different set of acu-points developed by Hua Tuo.

The patient experienced steady improvement from visit to visit. (After time period XXX), I suddenly noticed that I had to look up to him when talking to him. The patient was 6.2ft, but initially his hunchback was so severe that we were at the same height when seated. Now as his back had straightened, I discovered how tall he really was! The patient was also very excited. When he came for the first time, he was just giving TCM a try as he was taking too many painkillers and he was concerned about the side effects. He didn’t expect to see a miracle happen to him.

The best reward to me as a doctor is to see the big smile on my patient’s face. I can never forget that smile. Of course, the most difficult moment for me is to search for the right treatment where complicated symptoms are like dense fog covering the path. 

  • D, female,52 years old, first visit on 05/21/2014.

Main complaints:she was in menopause,weight gain of over 30 lb. She was sad that she couldn’t wear any pretty clothing anymore. She tried to eat less, control sugar and meat, but the weight gain was still out of control. She had grown more and more tired, aching all over the body, and had swollen feet. A year ago, she had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Her doctor told her that she needed to take medication to treat it for the rest of her life.

Treatment: acupuncture at Yintang (explain & merge with paragraph below),GB21, Sj6,LI11, LI4, ST36, Liv3, SP9,SP8 SP6,Ren22,Ren 17, Ren6,Kid3, ST25.

During the treatment, I used acupoints on her ears to help her control her mood and appetite. She also received cupping, which she found enjoyable. She usually came for treatment twice or three times a week, except when she was out for three weeks because of a vacation. I tried to induce her to quit smoking and drinking, but was not successful at that. Nevertheless, all of her symptoms improved. After six months, her blood test for thyroid function was normal and she had lost 6lbs. Her family physician didn’t believe that her thyroid was fine, and did not consent with stopping the medication. However, he agreed to reducing the medication by half. A week later, she had another blood test showing again normal results. Finally, after a third normal tests, her family doctor agreed that she could stop the thyroid medication. In Feb 2015, her test results were again normal. She lost 11lb., had abundant energy and could party with friends. She moved away from Denver in the end of Feb. In Sept 2015, she emailed me that her test results were still normal after stopping medication for seven months, and that she was very happy.

  • E, female, 42 years old,first visit on 07/12/2019.

Main complaints:chronic fatigue,depression,does not want to talk, weak voice, stays at home most of her time, no interest in doing anything. Poor appetite, full abdomen. She has a 5 years old daughter; she and her husband have tried 3 years to get pregnant with no success. She has no libido for a few months.

Treatment: acupuncture Du20, Ren12, Ren4, Zigong, St25, st36, sp6, LI4, sp10, Kid7 with focus on Ren8 and Zigong

Patient came twice a week for treatment. After four weeks, she talked more and started to smile. Her energy improved and she was able to be more active. She swam. She also became happier and started to party with friends. The treatment was changed to once a week. After five weeks, she told me happily that she was pregnant.

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