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I’m so thankful for this place and the knowledge and compassion of Hong Ma! Just with 3 visits and a herbal medicine consult I feel so much better and in the right pathway to be myself again. Truly made an impact in the quality of my life!

MONICA PARRA      9/21/2015


Been coming here for years and absolutely love it. My favorite practioner is Dr. Hong Ma. She can literally tell me my life story just by listening to my pulse and gives treatments that leave me feeling noticeably better right away. I don’t feel any discomfort with the needles. They also offer great advice on food, herbs, and general wellness. The space is calming and warm, really welcoming and clean. And the best price I have ever seen for acupunture by far.

Updated review 4/25/2019

This clinic is completely awesome! Super comfortable, affordable, and highly professional. They have a great acupuncturist: Hong Ma. Hong Ma prescribed some great Chinese herbs, which, along with the acupuncture, help me get relief from allergies, stress, and fatigue.  She is able to treat a much wider variety of conditions, though, including PTSD, migraines, PMS, depression, etc.

Sasha M   5/22/2013


Hong Ma really seems to know and understand the human body, it is great to feel like she listens and then can understand what exactly is going on and then able to help. I am so thankful!

Rebekah Giannatala      7/15/2013

Car accident/Nerve damage Recovery

Dr, Hong Ma is wonderful. She is so empathic. Robert and I have felt so nurtured by her care and expertise and understanding. We have had a very tough time since he was hit on his motorcycle by an uninsured driver. Dr.Hong Ma’s attention to physical and emotional details, genuine care and a love of what she does has given us so much support and healing. I felt relaxed and rested after my first session today. Robert has had many sessions and the healing is huge. He has feeling back in his nerve damaged leg etc. Dr. Hong Ma is an exceptional healer. We feel very blessed. Thank you for offering affordable care.

We are very happy to have found Dr. Hong Ma

Zoe Gladeau           1/13/2014

 Chronicle fatigue

I moved with my husband to Winter Park area in the end of 2015. Since moving to the mountain, my health went downhill: extreme fatigue (didn’t have energy to talk, to smile, exhausted all day long, had to go to bed by 7:00pm), poor sleep, dizziness, chronicle diarrhea, poor memory, catching cold/flu frequently. I was only 46 at the time, and was miserable. In June 2016, out of desperation, I went to a local clinic in Fraser, had six tubes of blood drawn. The results came back normal. I sent the text results to my oncologist at Mayo Clinic. He was surprised why I had so much tests done because everything looked normal to him also. In short, nobody could help me. After researching about TCM doctors in Denver, I decided to see Dr. Ma because she does herbal formula which is very important to me, and because she has 17 years of experience in treating patients in China. After listening to my symptoms, she gave me her diagnosis. Based on her diagnosis, she prescribed 7 packs of herbs. The soup of each pack was decided into two servings a day. After just one serving, I felt immediately different as if a huge rock was lifted off my chest and I had energy to talk and smile again. From then on, my health kept improving. In 2018, chronicle fatigue was finally recognized as an illness. Western medicine doesn’t have ways treat it and its cause is unknown. However, a good TCM doctor can tell the causes of chronicle fatigue and can treat it effectively. Dr. Ma is such a doctor. Her diagnosis and prescription were spot on!

Fengfeng Ren(04/16/2020)

Cold, flu and coughing

We went to see Dr. Ma for my husband’s severe cough, non stop in the night. None of us could sleep. After two nights, I decided to make the four hour round trip journey to take him to see Dr. Ma. Dr. Ma prescribed 5 packs of herbs, and said that my husband should see improvement after 3 packs and the cough should stop after 5 packs. Indeed, it worked! The cough reduced and we could sleep. By the end of 5 packs, only some residue cough was left. To be safe, we went to see Dr. Ma again. Another another 7 packs of herbs, my husband was completely fine. The cold/cough has happened to him many times in the past. His cough typically would last for a month or two until he had to get steroid treatment which had a lot of other side effects. We are very glad that we have Dr. Ma in Denver!

Fengfeng Ren(04/16/2020)


My condition is Fibromyalgia. I wasn’t expecting results after my first visit, but was amazed at how much better I feel. Can’t wait to get to my next appointment!

Dr. Hong Ma is amazing!

Steve Simpson   3/30/2015

This was my first visit and I was impressed with the facility and the acupuncturist Hong Ma. She was very kind in explaining the procedures to me and also giving me helpful tips as to pain prevention. The ambience was comfortable and quieting, and some calming background music might also be nice 🙂 I’m happy with the experience and have already made the next appointment.

Betty Caruso

Meniere’s disease/Vertigo

This was my first appointment. When I walked in, I felt like I walked into a retreat. The atmosphere was so relaxing and peaceful. I’ve never felt like that walking into an ‘appointment’ of any kind. Hong was incredible. I am dealing with Meniere’s disease and came with a list of symptoms I’ve been dealing with – some of which were very hard to even explain. I’ve seen 3 different doctors who never really listened to the symptoms I was dealing with and they never even wanted to look at the list of symptoms I was dealing with – they just ignored it. All they wanted to do was surgery which I felt was extreme and based on a lot of research I believed there were other answers which led me to you. I gave you the list of symptoms when I came in and Hong took the list and sat and read it – all of it – and took notes and then asked me questions! I can’t tell you how that made me feel – finally someone was listening to me! I can’t express how much that meant to me especially after dealing with these symptoms for the last 6 months (and which actually put me on medical leave for 4 weeks) and when I get hit with the vertigo and double vision can put me down for several days at a time. I believe the treatments I’ll be receiving from Hong will do the trick! Actually, just walking in there and seeing someone actually listening to me did more for me than you will ever know. THANK YOU!

Kim Brown             6/10/2013

Neck Pain

I have NEVER not felt the needles being inserted, but with Hong Ma, I didn’t feel anything. I was extremely impressed by her skills. Not to mention, I walked in an hour before my appointment (I was in a lot of pain) and although the receptionist said she wasn’t sure when I could be seen, Hong Ma took me back right away. I’m so grateful! It’s been almost 24 hours and my neck being almost 100% better.
Thank you Hong Ma!!

                                         Amanda Fletcher    9/7/2015

 Hong Ma always helps my painful neck and back and I am so grateful

Shannon Jacobs         10/23/2014


A beautiful way to receive the amazing art of acupuncture at an affordable rate & within a serene environment! I’ve been going here for 5 years! I started regular acupuncture a month before I wanted to start getting pregnant. I saw Hong Ma every week. I became pregnant within a month! The stars aligned I’m sure but she has a magical way with those needles too & I received regular acupuncture here weekly throughout my pregnancy. I had an amazing pregnancy & birth & I know acupuncture was a huge part of that.

I go there now to help with my stress & immunity (toddler-ville!) & I am SO grateful. These is SUCH a magnificent healing oasis. Thank you!!!!

Hillary H (4/26/2019)


I have been away from acupuncture for a few years. I have had some not so great experiences and some that gave no positive results. I was more nervous than afraid of the needles. Hong Ma was so gentle but very effective. I fell asleep after she place the needles. When I went to sleep that night, I had the best night sleep I have had in years. I will definitely be coming back and will share my wonderful experience with others.

Debra Pitcherella   7/3/2013

Low Back Pain/ Hip pain

I’ve been going to the Acupuncture Clinic for a few weeks to help with lower back and hip pain stemming from an accident that ruptured a few discs in my lower back. After refusing to take narcotic pain medication and muscle relaxers, I decided to try acupuncture to help me deal with the constant throbbing pain that will not go away.  I strained my back again. That strain landed me in the ER after having severe muscle spasms in my back and hips and numbness in my feet and legs. I saw Hong last night to see if acupuncture could help with the lingering spasms and pain.
I’ve seen my fair share of doctors, chiropractors, and various other therapists for my pain, but Hong showed a depth of compassion I have yet to see in the years I’ve been dealing with this. Her genuine concern felt like a warm, soothing blanket after months in a cold, hard place. She asked a lot of questions in order to figure out what was causing so much pain, and after my treatment, she massaged my hips and back for a few minutes. When I left the clinic, I was still in tremendous pain, but this morning, for the first time in ages, I woke up with no pain. I am so happy, I could cry with relief.
Because the reasonable prices, I can actually afford to continue to come back as often as needed, and I don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of pain medication. I cannot recommend the Acupuncture enough, as the people there are fantastic and the treatments work.

Heather W.  Montgomery, AL (5/9/2014)

I am really pleased that I found this place. Dr. Hong Ma is putting me back together. I feel stronger after every session and plan to continue my treatments. Thanks to everyone who works there. Warmly

Daiva Mickeviciute    5/4/2015


It was my daughter’s first time having acupuncture so she was a little nervous, but Hong Ma was gentle and patient and put her at ease. I felt deeply relaxed after my treatment, as if I’d had a massage. The headache I had upon arrival was gone when I left.

Sandie Michalski      9/2/2013

The treatment helped relieve my headache, allowing me to return to the Metro State campus and lecture all afternoon. Xie xie!

Linda White        10/9/2013

Knee pain

I cannot recommend the Acupuncture enough. I’ve been treated for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I have been receiving acupuncture on and off for over 10 years now and I’ve been to a few other clinics in the past – Natural Acupuncture LLC is the nicest one that I’ve been to.
I have been seeing Hong Ma for all of my treatments, and she is amazing, a true healer! She is intuitive and I have had great success with my treatments – I had severe knee pain from an old injury and she has helped me to keep the pain under control and hopefully forestall surgery for a few more years.

Tara N (1/27/2015)


Amazing. Best experience. I was suffering from sciatica and my leg was killing me with pain. I didn’t want to take any more aspirin. A good friend recommended acupuncture. I am glad I made the decision to go. After 4 treatments, my pain is totally gone. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Dr. Hong has a amazing hand!

                                        JOseph Herrera     4/2/2015


This place is amazing.  The facility is clean, serene, and nicely appointed (pardon the pun.) you receive treatment, it’s quiet and spacious, and feels quite comfortable. I’ve had two appointments with Hong and she is knowledgeable, professional, and kind. As other reviewers have indicated, the prices here are absolutely the reasonable in Denver, and you get so much more than you pay for. This is truly affordable self-care!

Kathy G (4/8/2014)


I moved here about a year ago from Chicago, and was in dire need of affordable acupuncture. Found these guys on Yelp with great reviews, and a short walk from my apartment. I’ve been in about a dozen times now and can say that it’s one of the most relaxing and rewarding things I can spend my money on Hong, she’s the best. I swear after leaving here I feel like I’ve reached Nirvana. Okay, I may be exaggerating slightly, but it’s almost there.
If you’ve never had acupuncture before, I urge you to give it a try for a few sessions before you vote yes or no I found acupuncture about 4 years ago after I had suffered my dozenth concussion and had a daily migraine. Acupuncture was party of my weekly treatment that eventually helped me get better. Now I go if my back hurts from sitting to long, or if I have a stress headache or even just am feeling a cold come on.
For those who have had acupuncture, this is the best style acupuncture I’ve ever had. I was treated in a very relaxing and warm environment. You can choose to be face up or face down. They recommend you wear loose fitting clothing and drink plenty of water before and after. Give them a go and you will thank me!

Jaime K (12/11/2017)

 (oh oh, I feel hooked)I enjoy the time & attention given by Hong MA
 ( the universal consciousness has directed me to clinic.

Rose Korobi

Hong was wonderful. I greatly appreciated her gentle manner & professionalism. When I asked about Chinese Herbs, she recommended a couple for me that she believes will truly help me. I look forward to coming back for the next 3 months as she has recommended. I’m looking forward to improving my health with acupuncture.

Jami Paronto            7/3/2013


I am in Tepoztlan, Mexico living again.

I wanted to let you know that after 9 months of 2 to 3 times a week seeing Hong ma she got rid of my thyroid problem. Just had a blood test done and after 6 months of no acupuncture treatments, my thyroid is still in good condition and I no longer take medication.  Please let Hong ma know I absolutely am so grateful to her.

Sheema Melissa San Roman(2015)

Varicose Vein

I have been consistently going to do Acupuncture every week for over a year now for treatment of varicose veins and spider veins which are genetic on both sides of my family.  I worked with acupuncturist Hong Ma to develop a treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs that worked for my body.  A year ago, I thought I would never wear shorts again and looked forward every day to pain in my legs.   Now, just one year later, I am happy to say that this July I am staying cool in shorts and share my story of healed veins without surgery, displaying my beautiful legs, with anyone who wants to listen.  At 63, I am gorgeous!

Be kind to yourself and schedule yourself for treatments ….again and again!

Bonita F ( 7/24/2014)