Dr. Hong Ma

Welcome to Natural Acupuncture clinic!

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, we adhering to the concept of ancient health art —— Natural and Human beings are integrated as a whole system, each person is a part of the system, but everyone is a unique individual. To meet the diversity needs of your health, our clinic offers various natural services including acupuncture, cupping, tuina and Chinese herbal therapy, helping you feel better naturally.

Considering the complexity of human body and multi-factors with your health, we always address the essential health-relating issues, such as diet, life style, living and working environment and personally emotion integrated, we treat not only your illnesses, but also yourself-the regimens, recovering your physical and mental health naturally.

Natural Acupuncture clinic was founded by Dr. Hong Ma, she is one of the most experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in Metro Denver area, she has been working with patients for nearly 30 years and healed more than thousands people with her extremely professional skills.

Our mission are Natural healing, Affordable, Health for Long life.